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These days, Emails become a major source of communication and it is very crucial to respond to all received Emails for any business but at the same time, it is very hectic work. They can outsource their Email support by choosing the right BPO companies. At Sublime Services Hub, we have dedicated and experienced staff to assist your customers. They give their undivided attention and handle customers’ concerns and queries efficiently and immediately develop a Real Connection with Customers. Get SSH’s Email & the best live chat support to contact visitors and turn them into happy customers

Email Handling Services

Customers take communications through emails seriously and expects a quick response to their query. We provide exceptional Email handling services that can increase your response rate.

24/7 Live Receptionist

We provide 24/7 live chat services. We are here to guide your customers whenever they need us. We make sure to handle your existing customers well and reach new ones. We also provide support for a live chat on website

Multilingual Assistance

We have multilingual customer services agents that can assist you to get global coverage.

SMS Chat Support

Our vigilant and qualified team can efficiently handle your text messages campaigns.

Product Support

Our experts work with you to understand your brand better. We provide accurate and helpful information about your products to your customers whenever they need.

Live Chat Support Services

Live Chat Support Services

Live Chat Support Services

Live Chat Support Services

Email and Live Chat: Companies receive loads of emails on daily basis and to reply to each one of them is very tiresome. Writing and content types can be flexible according to clients’ needs and concerns. An email can include a company logo and other details to help clients know more about the brand. Chat support is a very common method of communication these days by using any messaging app or online chat bolt. Live chat support consists of real-time conversation in which one can share the link, collect and save data for future reference. People like to talk on live chat apps. Live chat is an excellent online service tool to help customers immediately and efficiently. Most customers prefer live chat and it leads them to higher satisfaction. Live chat gives a better opportunity to explain and guide customers. A client may be satisfied with an efficient response to their email queries in less than an hour or two after email sign-in, but if a client gets the same answer in live chat are most satisfied and happier because it can help them to complete their task immediately. If a customer is asking for help regarding a purchase, upgrading, or renewal of service or any other query, live chat can answer quickly and it can make a real financial difference to the organization. Email and Live chat can speed the process and is very beneficial

Benefits of choosing us

Cost Efficient

Writing and creating an email for clients are very economical. It can depend on clients’ needs. We provide best services within your budget.

Scalable & Brand awareness

Our agents can help you cover small or large group of people in different locations. Emails can also be used for brand awareness.

Direct Interaction & Quick Response

Customers often feel frustrated because of poor customer service. Our live chat can give them a direct opportunity to interact with the customer service agent and they can get a quick response.

Efficient Handling & Empathizing

Our agents can efficiently handle concerns and processes by real-time interaction. Often customers feel frustrated or stuck in some part of the process. Our dedicated team can empathize with them through live chat and gain their trust.

Conversion Rates & Average Order Value

Websites with live chat report up to a 40% boost in conversion rates. Average Order value on websites with live chat is 10% higher than on those without it. We can assist in this regard.

Efficient Customer Service

We have the best solutions for any business model. Keep the sales going up using a browser widget, or desktop/mobile live chat support.
Our customer care agents are flexible and can bend according to your needs. We also offer flexible hours which can enhance the availability of your products or stores and customers’ outreach. Cut your Response Time to Less than 3 Minutes. The average customer service email response time is over 10h. With a live chat service, you’ll respond to your customers before they decide to buy elsewhere. Turn 3x More Visitors into Paying Customers. Use our customer support live chat to engage them in conversations, answer questions, and increase sales. Contact us for details.