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SSH has been serving in the Fintech industry for a long time, we are offering outstanding fintech development and bringing top results.

What is Fintech Industry?

If we look at certain Fintech meaning, it is the combination of financial and technology services, it is a modern and fastly growing industry that has a significant focus on automating financial services, the fintech basics are considered as this industry is helping both customers and developers, we can see fintech industry developments by investing apps, banking institutions, it has proficiently designed for digitally minded customers to bring ease in their financial lives and they can easily handle their finances and economic upbringings., a fintech company is a firm who assist in financial matters with technological dealings. Fintech startups are also getting more popular day by day. Fintech companies provide an array of financial services.Sublime Services hub offers innovative solutions to B2B businesses, banks, digital wallets, crowdfunding platforms, and other fintech organizations as a Fintech systems development and information technology company. We have been developing fintech applications that guarantee information security and network safety while enhancing the customer experience for quite some time.

In Fintech Industry Which Services Are We Providing?

One of the USA’s best IT companies, Sublime Services Hub provides expert and certified solutions to your issues. Top fintech companies are working hard to progress in this industry. Our fin technology service features the most recent coding and technology for efficient financial statements and is well-known among customers.

IoT-Powered Surveillance

Our IoT specialist’s design and manufacture IoT-powered surveillance cameras to monitor the clients’ valuable resources. Additionally, these cameras can track and report vacations more frequently, enhancing the customer experience. It also serves as a mobile point-of-sale system that encrypts installment data and protects the network.

UI/UX design

Customers expect financial services to be user-friendly and personalized at the same time. A thoughtful user experience, best practices for interface design, and technologies that have been used in combat can all help achieve this.

Blockchain Development

We create and provide more accessible, less expensive, and more effective services. We have improved the financial ecosystem’s security and transparency over time. In addition, we offer users overall transaction histories and data integrity.

Digital Wallet Development

Financial institutions and banks use the advanced wallet applications that our fintech programmers create to respond to individual customer requests. We work with a number of banks, so customers don’t have to stand in line to finish the transaction.

Customized Fintech Solutions

Our custom FinTech arrangements are designed to help your company provide the best possible customer experience while protecting their information. Your customers will be happier if your UX design is clear and easy to use; as a result, they will be more steadfast in their support of your administration.

Customer Relationship Management

SSH meets customers’ needs for quick communication through various communication channels, satisfying their desire to be remembered. Fintech mobile apps are a very good source for customer relationship management. We provide them with trustworthy products, deals, and services tailored to their particular requirements and preferences. In addition, the provision of active tracking and analytics of user online behavior.

Which Industries Are Using Our Fintech Services?

With its FinTech services, Sublime Services Hub supports numerous industries. With our amazing fintech policy, we are serving the best of industries. It covers a wide range of financial assistance-related fields and offers the best facilities and excellent services.

Wealth Management

As a reliable financial software developer, we create automated wealth management solutions to raise client awareness of their wealth, improve consultant efficiency, focus on the customer, and provide computerized experiences.

Investment Management

Our automated service will assist investors in the financial sector without the assistance of a person. Our developers use AI to build reliable investment management solutions that optimize investment execution based on the current market situation.


Our extensive involvement with finance software development enables our insurance clients to plan stages and applications that make use of the Internet of Things, big data, and AI or ML technologies to completely automate and digitize their businesses. This enables clients to handle protection in a manner that is both more attainable and simpler to use than was previously the case.

Digital Banking

Our team has been developing innovative installment plans that guarantee significant information security, network safety, encryption, and information protection. These innovative plans include flexible installments, B2B exchange platforms, and computerized wallets.

Transfer and Payments

We offer Fintech apps for a wide range of international remittance payment methods. Even though the exchange rates are used, the sender only pays a minimal amount because they vary by region. The transferred funds can be easily exchanged for cash at the desired location.

Payroll & Benefits

With our payroll segment, you can include wage payments, send payments more quickly, save money on banking fees, and issue your own debit card. A commercial center for other items with unusual conditions, benefit cards, and annuity items are among the more extensive biological systems being developed around these items.

Why Choose Us For Your Services?

Fraud Detection

Sublime Services hub provides fraud-detecting software to financial institutions involved in money laundering, skulduggery, forgery, or other abuses, we are aware of all these frauds and errors so we make our policies and design our software like this.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is a major concern in the financial industry because of the privacy of financial accounts, and private banking statements. To avoid any hacking, data leaks, and penetration, fintech businesses should have extremely robust security systems, and sublime services hub is efficient in this.


We have a flexible team of calling agents who are well-versed in their respective fields and have received specialized training in problem-solving to address various customer issues promptly, we have trained them in the utmost communication manner so they can easily connect with clients.

Customer Communication

When it comes to providing excellent customer service, dealing with customers, answering their questions, and assisting them in answering those questions, polite behavior and clear communication are crucial.

Real-Time Transactions

It is our responsibility to preserve your online transaction history without losing any data. We promise to send our customers their real-time transaction details via SMS and email, which builds users’ trust in our ability to keep them up to date.

Highly Experienced

Through our highly skilled financial technology team, which adheres to numerous working standards, we guarantee that you will receive consistent and dependable code updates, resulting in improved collaboration, programming quality, and fewer opportunities to showcase.

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