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Video Editing services are the key to the success of your business and its promotion and we are providing the best of them in the USA, feel free to contact us!

Animated videos for startups, brands & agencies

At Sublime services hub, we have proficient and experienced staff. We are one of the top video editing companies. They can energize your marketize your brand image which can certainly stand out and achieve your objectives. We are the best in video editing services in the USA. We can assist you with video editing and animation services for your business, whether it’s a general heritage or a startup.

What are the Video Editing Services?

Video Editing is an approach that involved controlling and revamping video software shots to do other work. Altering is typically viewed as one piece of the after-creation process, other after-creation chores incorporate naming, variety revision, sound blending, and so forth. Many individuals utilize the term transforming to portray all their after-creation work, particularly in non-proficient circumstances. Whether you decide to be selective about phrasing depends on you, some people search for video editing services online, In this instructional exercise, we are sensibly liberal with our terminology and we utilize the word altering to mean any of the accompanyings like Reworking, adding, or potentially eliminating segments of video cuts and brief snippets, Applying a variety of rectifications, channels, and different upgrades and Making changes between cuts.

What are Animations

This is the most popular way of getting the attention and getting the focus of the audience by using graphical animations and crafting them with different color combinations and making them catchy for human eyes. 3D animations are getting more and more popular day by day. Animations are the combinations of motion graphics with colors and real focusing images that make the project interesting, it is trendy in use for marketing campaigns. Videos and animations are fundamental for a business to develop nowadays. Free video editors are considered by most people but not everyone can use them efficiently. Video clips are being utilized wherever like on the web or on versatile sites and applications presentations. At sublime services hub, our animation video editor administration experts can give you a palatable encounter, we have the best animation editing software. We offer significantly more than after-creation support. Our exceptionally talented video editing group can give its clients a good and beneficial re-appropriating expert. Video editing is a picked accomplice for both enormous and little organizations, producers, narrative makers, news offices, and individual wedding videographers. We couldn’t want anything more than to assist you with making far and away superior your task with the best video editing tools and growing your scope.

Why are Video Editing and animation services significant for brands?

Video content is very notable and simple to share on different social media platforms. It’s an extraordinary method for conveying information of significant worth and incrementing brand mindfulness in those stages. You can put your message directly before your leading interest group while never leaving the workplace. Almost 85% of customers said a brand’s video- assisted them with settling on a choice to buy a specific item. Having video content that you can share inside your business as well as recordings that you share with your clients will assist with giving you an edge in the present market. The significance of video altering ought to be considered carefully while delivering recordings and movies. Whether you’re making a music video, a promoting effort video, a corporate video, or some other kind of video, it goes through 3 unique stages: Pre-creation, Creation, and After creation. After the composition is principally about altering the video and is the last opportunity to make everything stream before you discharge it to the world. A new report says that the greater part (58%) of the most-seen recordings were those that were altered somehow or another before they were transferred to YouTube. Video altering is really a deliverer! With the right altering abilities, one can change any customary video into a superior one. Altering permits you to improve the video with text to convey the right to the crowd. Altering is valuable for managing and blending recordings flawlessly to the length you need.

Which Video editing and Animation services are we providing?

We are providing the best video editing and animation services and here is our video editing services list:

Event Video Production

The process of filming different events and conferences, trade shows, meetings, and other special corporate or social occasions is known as event video production. Event videographers use specialized equipment to provide extensive coverage of the entire event for live streaming or just the highlights for promotional videos.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics for the web, television, or film is created by motion graphics designers or motion designers for short. This could be anything from movie clips to commercials to title sequences. They employ animation, visual effects, and other cinematic techniques to give life to their creations.

Web Video Service

A Web video is a brief, recorded, and viewable file that can be linked to a website or an electronic message to instruct or convey visual information to other users. A web video can show multiple steps in a complicated process, demonstrate a fundamental marketing message, or move things naturally and fluidly on a web page as users scroll.

Educational Films

Due to their informational content, documentaries and fiction films can be very instructive. They enable children to explore brand-new universes or even rethink familiar concepts, learning through videos and films can be very constructive and beneficial for educational purposes. You can find many excellent educational documentaries online, whether they are about animals, the earth, history, geography, science, music, or colors.

Documentaries Films

A non-fiction film that “documents” or captures reality somehow is referred to as a documentary. Most of the time, documentaries are used to show a different, interesting, or unknown angle. As you can see from the extensive list of documentary ideas submitted by site visitors, subjects are only limited by one’s imagination.

3D Logo Animation

The animation for the AE template 3D Logo Animation is clean and straightforward. It can be used to give your videos an appealing start. Give your next masterpiece a fresh look and feel to wow your audience. It is very simple to modify. As a background, you can use any video or image.

Videos for Marketing

By utilizing videos to promote and market your product or service, you can reach a new audience, educate your customers, and increase engagement on your digital and social channels.

Business Promotion Films

An engaging way to sell something to your customers is through promotional video content. Additionally, it’s a great way to promote your company. Video has such a wide range of content types. People will choose you over your competitors because of this credibility boost in the company or product.

Why our video editing and animation services are best?

Sublime Services hub offers the best video editing services in the USA, and we mean it. We work very professionally and provide efficient video editing services. We use multiple professional strategies for this extraordinary video editing service, here are some of the techniques which make us the best.

Collection of software

We have the perfect video maker software and animation software collection by which we edit multiple videos in a specific manner with unique crafts. We use online video editors and video editors for PCs and choose software with the best interfaces and features, our software collections are efficient for both small and big programming projects.

High Efficient Systems

Our operating systems are highly applicable for video editing and they are extra fast and capable to perform multi-tasking, their capability is built very strongly for any kind of software working, SSD cards are very necessary for video editing, it will speed up your operating system. RAM is a way to faster editing and we use large capacity RAMs also Central Processing Unit (CPU) can perform the calculations and tasks more efficiently.

Cutting on Actions

It is a technique to create a more interesting scene. We have experts in this technique who know when to cut and what moves can make perfect videos and shots.


We believe in fast speed to meet our client’s expectations on time which makes our firm superior to other organizations, we have trained our staff to work in a cooperative working environment that leads them to a faster task.

Color Consideration

Our staff is very creative and they have the best choices of colors, they use perfect color baseline and create unique looks. We use primary color correction effects to make it easier to understand and interesting to watch.

Graphics and Animations

We create prime graphics and animations with our perfect graphic designers and their abilities are well constructed, our designers are effectively trained, and with their immense efforts, they achieve the client’s trust.

What are the benefits of choosing us?

Our team is very professional and well trained in performing their tasks, they know exactly how to deal with customers and gain their trust towards our company.

Increment Revenue

Video Editing and animation are very crucial for your brand. As indicated by explores business that utilizes video advertising can cause income to become 49% quicker than others so it is efficient for marketing and promoting your business.

Impact Clients' Choices

Video Advertising can impact purchasers’ choices. Great video editing and animations draw in clients and they can make them purchase things that are really great for your business.

Increment Traffic

While search positioning develops naturally more traffic comes to your page and individuals like to share the videos they like with others.

Develop Search Rank

Video can help your hunt positioning. How much time a client spends on your site can work on its positioning and recordings are the most ideal way to get the notice and keep clients bustling on your page.


Clients for the most part really like to observe instead of to peruse. Videos directives are superior to flyers or composed messages since it’s not difficult to watch.

Trust and Respectability

Videos are more persuasive than composed data. It can improve your image’s noteworthiness.

Conversion Rates

Videos and animations additionally help in supporting change rates. Watching a decent and convincing video can boost purchasing conduct.

Social Sharing

Ordinarily, individuals share recordings online with one another and it can support your social sharing which is great for your business. Along these lines, more individuals will become aware of your image.
We can deliver quality guaranteed video editing, Intro, Promo (App, Product, Service) videos, Pod castor Interview videos, Traveling videos, Events videos, Wedding videos, Music videos, Digital Menu, Gifs for social media, more at a competitive pricing model. We have smart video editing software and a qualified team and our video editing services cost is low. We are at your service 24/7 and it will be our pleasure to serve you.

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Different elements contribute to video and animation production costs.
For Video
  • Whether you are using one location or several in our film
  • How much time and the number of crew that you need
  • The complexity of the edited video
  • Number of videos you are producing
For Animation
  • The complexity of animation (for example 2D, 3D)
  • Whether you are creating from scratch or working on existing assets.
  • The time required for the final animation
Video production involves the following three steps:
Pre-production: This is the first step in video production. In this step, you study all about your business and decide what kind of video you need. Questions like “who is your target audience?”, “what message do you want to convey?” you need to explore for your video.
Production: At this stage filming takes place. You need to capture all the shots and footage that are required to make your video.
Post-production: After capturing the Video, you need to edit it. You can add graphics, effects, and music if required in the post-production phase. We can help you with that. At Sublime Services Hub, we have an expert team of video editors and animators and they can help you to make your video impressive.
A 1-minute video takes 3 to 4 weeks to complete. If you need complex shots and animations then it can take more time.
It depends on the complexity of your video. It includes what type of video you need, the animation style, and the manpower that you need to achieve the best results for your project.
Your video should be at least 1 minute or 90 to 120 seconds for more complex subjects. It depends on your business and the subject of your video. Different elements can contribute to the length of the video like “what is the subject of a video?” “Or for which platform do you need that video?”
Videos are being used everywhere like on websites, applications, and social media platforms. People are using videos to present their brands to the world. How you make and edit a video will directly affect your presence in front of others. Once you are done with the pre-production and production phase of a video, it requires you to go through the editing process. You can hire a professional video editor to improve the video quality.
Digital or Desktop Video Editing is called DTV. In DTV you directly edit your videos through your computer. You can add effects, graphics, sounds, and many more elements using DTV.
you need to exalt your system to create high-quality videos. Following are some specifications for your system that need to be fulfilled for video editing:
  • A processor of i7/i9 models
  • 16/32 GB RAM
  • Video Card- GTX 1050 Ti or GTX 1660
  • Hard Disk- 256 GB SSH
  • High-Resolution Display (1280*1080 or larger)
  • CPU Cooler
Video having a screen size of 720*576 for PAL and 720*480 for NTSC is called Full- Screen video. This is an ideal resolution for a video. You can get a higher resolution by enlarging the capture size.
CODEC stands for Compression or Decompression. You can use Compression or Decompression algorithms to digitize and compress data. It can help you to achieve faster transmission. You can also add special effects and render files. MPEG, MJPEG, DV, etc. are popular formats.
Hardware codecs or chips refer to hard CODEC. It’s quite expensive compared to soft CODEC. You can use it to compress files from raw ones in real time. Software modules refer to soft CODEC. It is cheap as compared to hard CODEC and provides the same functions as hard CODEC. Soft CODEC is faster than hard CODEC.
It depends on the complexity and technical factors. It also depends on the skills of the video editor. Some videos take only a few hours but some take weeks to complete. Animated videos take more time to edit.
Linear editing is a simple and inexpensive way to edit videos. In linear video editing, you can assemble clips in an ordered sequence. If you want to merge two clips then linear editing is a good option.

In non-linear video editing, you don’t assemble clips in ordered sequence but you can access randomly to video files. It gives you easy and fast access to videos. You can also add plugins to create interactive effects and transitions.
A video capture card is a distinct chip or board that allows recording video from the device and save it to the hard drive. It is also important for the quality of your video. You can connect this device to a computer system by using a USB or PCI Express technology.
Rendering is a process to finalize the video footage to make the final product. It is crucial for the quality of your video. For this process, you will need a high-configuration machine with powerful RAM and processor.
It is totally up to you how will you present your video in front of your audience. You can use codecs for high quality or compress them into different formats likely RealPlayer, Apple QuickTime, Microsoft MediaPlayer, etc.
At Sublime Services Hub. We offer a lot more than post-production support. Our highly skilled video editing team can give its customers a satisfactory and profitable outsourcing experience. Sublime is a chosen partner for both big and small companies, filmmakers, documentary producers, news agencies as well as individual wedding videographers. We would love to help you create even better videos and extend your reach. Contact us today!