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Outsourcing or insourcing call center, Which one is better?

In the business world, the call community is a basic and essential part of each organization. From taking care of customer calls to advancing deals and producing business leads, the call community has many employments. Regardless of whether in-house or outsourced, its role is different in the present-day business. Most clients globally favor live calls. According to research, 88% favor engaging with the call center. That’s why the call center stays an essential part of the business. No matter what is your business type whether it’s services-oriented or product-related, you need a call center to handle the sales and customer care. BPO industry provides call center services for different industries.  Outsourcing or Insourcing Call Center call centers have their pros and cons.

Outsourcing or Insourcing Call Center

Insource Call Center

Inhouse call centers are better for brand awareness and customer service but it requires high cost and management.

Why you should choose to Insource call center:

Brand Awareness:

Brands know their services and products better so; they can create better awareness among customers.

Information Security:

Confidential information remains in-house. The risk of information leakage is low as compared to outsourced call centers. But these days outsourced companies are highly efficient and ensure full security.

Personal Control:

You can control all the tasks. You have full command over call services, timings, and schedules. You have better knowledge about your employees and work. Insourcing gives you the benefit to work efficiently with your team.

Implementation of Updated Policy:

Policies or services can be changed or updated anytime according to new trends. One of the benefits is you can easily and quickly implement new policies or services.

Better Insight:

It can give you a better insight about products and customers by handing in-house call center. You can stay connected with the customers directly and get their feedback that can help improve your business.

Why you shouldn’t choose to Insource call center:

There are some disadvantages of having in-house call centers.


In-house call centers need high costs and management. It is expensive to set up an in-house call center because you need to set up PBX systems, computers, software, phone lines, etc.

Management & Training:

It needs proper skilled management to handle the call center. It is tiresome to recruit new employees and train them.

Support Unavailability:

Mostly in companies’ agents only work in standard business hours. They don’t work on 24 hours basis. It can create dissatisfaction if customers didn’t get a response in time.

Outsourcing or Insourcing Call Center

Outsourced Call Centers

It is also called BPO. Brands hire a third party to get call center services. Outsourcing companies handle and manage your call center services.


In-house call centers cost more compared to outsourced centers. It is expensive to set up computers, phone lines, etc. Outsourced companies offer great services at a minimal cost.

Trained staff & Management:

Outsourced call centers have already trained staff. They are experienced because they are handling many businesses’ call centers. Recruiting and training new employees is very tiring and time taking work. Outsourced companies can easily manage your call center with their trained staff.


If you need to upgrade or downgrade your seats or services then it can be exhausting with an in-house call center but outsourced call centers can be upgraded or downgraded easily according to your needs.

Flexibility & Adaptability:

Outsourced companies work 24/7. They can easily bend their timings according to your needs. They are experienced and they can adapt to new trends in business and upgrade services and campaigns.

Why you shouldn’t choose Outsourced call center:

Language difference:

Language and cultural differences can be problematic. Sometimes, outsourced agents fail to communicate because of the language barrier with the audience.

Lack of Control:

You don’t have full command of outsourced call centers as compared to in-house call centers. They do their work according to contract so your control over them is limited.

Brand awareness:

Your employees know about your brand or its products better than outsourced agents. No matter how much information they learn about your products but they can’t have full knowledge.

Finding the right solution for your business is a crucial part of the process. Building an in-house call center can be helpful but smartly doing outsourcing with efficient BPO companies is the best option. It can give you better ROI (return on investment) because outsourced call centers are cost-efficient than insourced call centers. By analyzing your business needs carefully, you can decide which option is best. If you need cost efficiency, trained agents, and time flexibility then outsourcing is a perfect choice. At the Sublime hub, we have highly qualified and trained staff that can offer you their outsourcing services 24/7.  Contact us now!

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