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What is Angular? What are its features?

What is Angular?


Programming Languages play an important role in information technology departments. They are essential to the progress of multiple creations and developments. Programming languages are used to create different software and applications like web applications, mobile applications, and web programs.

Introduction to Angular


Angular is a type-script (Type-script is an extension to Java-Script) and open-source language led by a community of individuals and cooperation. It is the complete program. It is a framework for building scalable web applications, well-integrated libraries with various features, and the client-server relationship. It is an easy platform for mobile applications with end-to-end tooling and provides different templates to create different software. It’s a basic, simple-to-learn language that is appropriate to make current applications because of its inescapable help.

Evolution of Angular


Angular is progressing day by day and getting and getting new updates regularly. New developers and programmers are putting effort into its progress for making it more efficient and accurate. Angular had different versions since its birth starting with

  • Angular 1. x came along with client-side Model View Controller (MVC) and Model view-Model View (MVVM) architecture introduced in Oct 2010, It was written in Java-Script.
  • Angular 2 was released in type-script, Version 1 did not support mobile whereas angular 2 is mobile-oriented and was released in September 2016.
  • Angular 3 updated with the angular router version with all router section development.
  • Angular 4 was introduced in March 2017 it was developed with an HTTP client, a powerful library with strong animation adding.
  • Angular 5 came in November 2017 with a smaller and faster kit with the update of a new number, date, and currency pipes.
  • Angular 6 was released in 2018, it was an updated version of Angular CLI (Command Line Interface) and an updated component development kit and angular material.
  • Angular 7 was introduced in 2018 and this v7.02 prompts users while typing and virtual scrolling.
  • Angular 8 was released in 2019, with support for web workers, type-script 3.4 support, and angular Ivy.
  • Angular 9 was released in 2019 with visual studio code and Web-storm.

Angular carried a significant shift with version 2. Nonetheless, there are numerous applications today running on AngularJS 1. x presumably because of the expense and exertion related to moving to Angular 2. However, taking into account the enhancements, and reception of most recent advances like TypeScript, RxJS, and so forth, it merits the work. The update of angular assists with clearing the tech obligation, yet additionally helps make the application quicker, more slender, and better.

Features of Angular


Angular is an oriented programming language with multiple features. It is a user-friendly language combined with advanced coding and drafting. It had developed with multiple benefits and features. Angular was drafted while considering all needs and circumstances of the programming environment. Some of the Angular features are discussed below.


MVC stands for Model-View-Controller. The two specifications model and view are part of this where application data is managed by the Model and the View manages the data display. While the controller plays as a connector between the view and model layers. Generally, in MVC architecture, you can split up the app accordingly and write code to connect the same.


An angular is a cross-platform software that allows you to use the coding at multiple stages to save time and involve less effort in programming. It allows the programmer to use the same coding in different software like android and iOS.

High-speed Efficiency

Angular is designed for high-speed programming and its architecture is drafted with a heavy framework of coding that makes it perfect for users to do programming. The loading speed of angular apps is very good than other software.

Animation accessibility

Angular works with you to make superior execution, complex movements, and liveliness timetables with very little code through Angular’s instinctive API. This feature of Angular makes it more significant than other languages.


One of the AngularJS key elements is revelatory UI. In Angular, you can skip utilizing JavaScript to frame the UI of your web application and on second thought use HTML as it is less convoluted than JavaScript. You don’t need to start manual program streams with properties like these.

Command Line Interface

Angular’s Command Line Interface (CLI) is helpful for web improvement. CLI assists in computerizing specific cycles with straightforward orders. You might add or eliminate characterized functionalities with a mix of these basic orders. Also, it empowers running unit tests and starts to finish them quickly. Every one of these AngularJS highlights improves the code quality extensively.



Angular is a cross-platform application by which you can develop desktop applications, native applications, and progressive web applications. It is amazingly fast and provides great performance, It supports universal language, code splitting, and code generation also it has powerful templates, IDEs, and Angular CLI. It has been developed for testing, animation support, and accessibility. All these features of angular make it one of the best programming languages. It has the best infrastructure that supports Google’s largest application. It is the most popular Java-Script framework among all for application development. It saves time and works efficiently. Angular is being used by some big application names like Netflix and Paypal.

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