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Keyword Research Tips for SEO

Search Engine Optimization

Ever wondered, why some websites are on the first page of search results? Almost 90% of users don’t bother to go to the next page of search results. At that point, search engine optimization can work wonders by improving your business site, blogs, or social network page rankings. Search engines work on keywords and links. Keyword research is very important. it can take time and hard work to choose the right keywords. It has a major impact on how will you reach new prospects and customers online. You can make smart decisions by incorporating our keyword research tips for SEO into your marketing plan. We’ve assembled some keyword research tips that will assist you with taking your search engine optimization to a higher level. First, you need to know what is keyword research and why you should do it.

What is SEO Keyword Research and why you should do it?


It is a process to find queries that are most frequently searched by people. You can take advantage of this process to identify which words and phrases are frequently used by your targeted audience.
It can help you increase your reach to get higher search engine rankings and gain more potential customers. You can improve your search rankings by adding high-traffic keywords to your content. It can increase your website traffic. Right keywords can support your business in the following manner:

    • Increase consumers
    • Engage customers with your website
    • Increase sales and revenue

Now you can understand the importance of keyword research for the growth of your business. Following are some keyword research tips that you can use to get effective results.

Think like a customer


Firstly, you need to understand your targeted audience. For that, you need to put yourself in their shoes. Make a list of your services and products and think if you are a customer, what phrases will you use to search for them. You can also ask your family and friends. You can even ask your existing customers what phrases or words they usually use for their search queries about any product or service of your brand.

Keyword Research Tips for SEO









Competition Research


You can create a list of your business competitors and go to their websites and social media pages to check what type of keywords they are using. It can help you take your keyword research game to the next level by understanding what you are missing out on. You can get more creative ideas by studying your competition.

Long-Tail Keywords


Long Tail Keywords refer to combining three or more words. It helps you in generating more traffic to your website and improves low search volumes. Competition for long-tail keywords is not so high which makes it easy to rank higher. You can choose long-tail keywords that are relevant to your business.

Keywords Research Tools


There are various keyword research tools. Some tools are free of cost like Google ads (keyword planner) but you can buy their premium versions to increase efficiency. You can use these tools to research your targeted keywords and check the monthly avg searches and competition of those keywords. Choose the keyword with more monthly avg searches and low competition. You can also use tools like SEMRUSH and Raventools to collect information about your targeted keywords.

Use Google Search


You can also look at the phrases on google search. Whenever you write a word on the google search bar, google gives you suggestions with relevant phrases. It offers you keywords variants that are frequently searched with your targeted keyword. It can help you to create a long-tail keyword. There is a section “people also ask” at the end of the search result page. It helps you to collect information about the queries people are frequently searching for.

Queries and Questions


You can also search for the most frequently asked questions about your niche. If you are running a bakery and you use words like wedding cake and birthday cake on the home page of your website. But if you think like a customer, mostly we search like Where can I find the best wedding cake bakery? Or what is the difference between a cake and a pastry? If they don’t know. With the long-tail keywords, you can use these questions to increase the ranking of your website. Make sure to answer these questions properly to engage the users with your business. You can use a keyword research tool “Answer the Public” to gather information about the most frequently asked questions.

SEO Toolbar


You can utilize SEO tools and toolbars like MozBar to take your SEO strategy to next level. It can help you to evaluate and compare metrics across different website pages. You can also check the ranking of the domain and page authority. You can also use these tools to run an SEO audit to identify the issues that are making your SEO efforts futile.

Keyword Research Tips for SEO










Analyze the Results


Make sure to analyze the results after putting effort into keyword research. Implement the new keywords along with the trending and old keywords. Use your keywords everywhere possible. Add the keywords on your website, blogs, metatags, product description, and social media posts. keywords researching is not a one-time thing. Keyword’s popularity changes every month. You need to research and change your targeted keywords with time. Keyword research is not the only thing in Search Engine Optimization. Other factors also contribute to SEO like your website design, etc.

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