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Create a Facebook Business Page for Facebook Marketing

Facebook marketing

Facebook is a popular social platform in the world. Almost 2.74 billion people actively use Facebook each month. You can think that Facebook is just for connecting with your loved ones but there is more to it than that. It also allows businesses to connect with customers. A local business page is visited by almost two-thirds of users at least once a week. Now you can imagine the amount of social influence, you can achieve through Facebook. You can connect with new audiences and engage them with your brand through Facebook.

What Is Facebook Marketing?


Facebook marketing is using different ways to market your brand on Facebook. Following are the ways that you can use for marketing on Facebook:

    • Facebook Ads
    • Business Pages
    • Facebook Marketplace
    • Facebook Groups

You can use these methods according to your budget. Creating a Facebook page for your brand is free of cost but if you want to use Facebook ads then you need to pay for that.

Facebook Business Page
Why Facebook Marketing Is Important?


It is not only about how many people use Facebook but the time they spend on it every day. According to research, an average user invests almost one hour on Facebook every day. A person’s sleep time on average is almost 8 hours a day. That means we invest 7 percent of our waking time on Facebook. If you are starting social media marketing for your brand then you can’t compete without using Facebook. It permits marketers to make and post quality content that is useful for clients. Furthermore, customer services and sales representatives can connect with buyers that are interested in a brand through Facebook.

Inbound strategy for Facebook marketing


An inbound strategy is to relate to and help the audience. You need to understand the concerns and goals of your customers and help them to conquer the challenges. You should be available to help them when they invest most of their time means on social media and Facebook is the most popular among all the social media platforms. Is Facebook marketing new to you? No worries! You can find all the information that you’ll need to master Facebook marketing.

Steps of Facebook Marketing


Create a Facebook Business Page

You need to create a Facebook page to set up your social media presence. Facebook pages are similar to profile pages. You can add friends on your Facebook profile but there is a like button on your Facebook page. People can join your business page on Facebook by clicking on that like button. There is a risk of shutting down if you create a business personal profile instead of a business page.
To create a Facebook page, you can start by logging in to Facebook and going to create a page option. There you’ll have 2 options:

    • Business or Brand
    • Community or Public Figure

You need to choose according to your field. if you own a business then you will choose the business or brand option but if you are a public figure (actor, sportsperson, etc.) then you need to select the community or public figure option. You need to select the name of your Facebook page wisely because it will represent your brand in the future and it will be difficult to change the URL and name of the page. After creating a page when you click on the “get started” button, you will be redirected to the profile picture page. You can set your profile picture and cover photo right away or you can do it later. After setting or skipping the cover photo page, your Facebook page will be created and you can see the tips on how to describe your business.

Add Photos

You need to add a profile picture and a cover photo to give your page identity. It will be your page’s primary visual as it can be seen in search results and the News Feed along with the content. You need to upload a square image or else you’ll be redirected to crop it. Your profile picture and cover photo will be the first visuals that users will see and as you know “First impression is the last impression.” Choose something related to your business that can be easily recognized by users. You can update your cover photo according to your campaigns, deals, etc.

Add a Description

After setting your visual impressions, you need to add a short description of your business so that people can know what you do. Under the “Welcome to your new page”, there is a “add a description” button, you need to click on that to add two to three sentences about your brand. This description can be seen in search results so keep it succinct. You can also edit your information in the “about” section. You can add a phone number, email id, website link, etc.

Create a Username

The last stage on your welcome menu is to create a username. It will appear on your Facebook page custom URL. It is also called “vanity URL.” People can find your page by using a username without any difficulty. You’ll be given 50 characters to create a unique username.

Add Page to The Shortcut

You can add your page to the shortcuts mentioned on the left side of your profile’s vertical navigation bar. You can easily access your page by using the shortcut in the future.

Set up Facebook Page Roles

One of the additional features of a Facebook page is that you can add multiple people that can edit and manage your page. You don’t have to share your login credentials with them. You can designate the different levels of editing access. You can do that by setting up the page roles. You need to go to the settings and click on “Page Roles”. You’ll be given the following options:

    • Admin: Admins have full command over the Facebook page. They can edit, add, or remove posts. they can also assign page roles. They have the authority to run ads.
    • Editor: The editor can do all the tasks that an admin does except they can not assign page roles.
    • Moderator: They can respond to messages and comments. They can also remove comments and create ads.
    • Advertisers: They can create and run ads and check their insights.
    • Analyst: They can view posts’ insights.
    • Jobs Manager: Job managers can do all the tasks that an advertiser can do. They can publish and manage jobs.

Customize Your Notifications

You can customize the number of notifications. You can select to get a notification of every page activity or you can select to receive only one notification every 12 to 24 hours. Hopefully, now you can understand how you can create your business page on Facebook. At Sublime hub, our experienced and dedicated staff can help to improve your social media presence with Social Media Marketing Services. We are available 24/7. Check out our services today and contact us to discuss details.

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