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What is SWIFT Programming Language?


Swift is the most growing language for programming used widely. It is designed to be easy to handle and user-friendly. It has been drafted powerfully with detailed pattern matching yet it is lightweight in use. New Programmers mostly rely on swift as it is not just easy to write but also in reading.

Now we will discuss the most commonly asked questions about SWIFT.

Who Invented SWIFT?


Swift was created by Apple in 2014 as an alternative programming language to Objective-C that was much easier and faster to learn. Swift was developed by Apple over a ten-year period. Apple first introduced it at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) as version 1.2, and then released its second version at the 2015 WWDC.

What are the different versions of Swift?


WIFT is developing day by day since it developed, and top programmers are working on its progress and development every day. Initially,

  • Swift was designed as a programming language in version 2.0.
  • It upgraded to open-source software in version 2.2.
  • Swift went through remarkable development in 3.0 and proved itself better than Objective-C
  • Version 4.0 went through different core structural changes with the upgradation of built-in codes.
  • Swift 5.0 introduced binary cooperation with the Apple platform and Swift runtime interlinked with Apple operating hours.
  • Swift 5.1 upgraded to module stability.

There are multiple features of Swift some of which are discussed below.


Swift has a key feature called generic, which allows you to write functions that are reusable and flexible. It allows you to write codes without duplication and is clearly intended.

Dealing with Errors

Swift offers ideal error handling with different techniques like

  • Pitching an error
  • Identifying an error
  • Generating solution
  • Solving an error

Error handling is kept very easy in swift which makes it more authentic and appropriate. Swift has auto built structure for dealing with errors.

Automatic Reference Counting

It is an automatic feature of Swift that identifies the samples which are not in use and then automatically removes them before that languages like Java and Objective-C were using garbage collector functions that takes much longer time and effort.


Tuples are fixed elements in the base that cannot be changed or removed and create in proper sequences. Swift allows you to return multiple values from functions by tuples which other languages only allow by using structures and arrays.

Control Flow Statements

To handle the speed of running of the program swift uses Control flow statements. Swift controls different statements like

  • Transfer statements
  • Loop statements
  • Branch statements

Swift uses different statements at different times to remove blockades, handle errors, and maintain the flow.

What are the benefits of Swift?


Swift is one of the best programming languages which has different advantages, here we will discuss some of them.

Speedy Programming

Swift is a speedy programming language that performs tasks in the fastest ways. Apple claims its speed is 2.6x faster than Objective-C and 8.4x faster than Python. Making apps, developing software and other projects are far too speedy and swift. Using less coding and developing bigger projects is possible with the help of swift.


Swift is crafted in a user-friendly way which is very easy to handle and run. New Programmers are also using swift in a well-organized manner and start performing programming at the very initial phase. It has easy readability because of its closure to natural English.


Swift is safer than other languages because it has created the basic consideration of safety precaution measurements. It eliminates unsafe coding automatically it also saves time in searching for unsafe codes to keep programs safer.


Swift is accessible to everyone because it is a free tool designed for programmers. Anyone using iOS can get the accessibility to swift and use it for his desired tasks. You can install swift on your Apple device and learn it from different swift programming experts.

What is Swift Ui?


Swift UI is created in 2019 to develop new UI and Swift apps. The Swift UI allows a new range of programming. It provides everything regarding user interfaces like stacks, buttons, and pickers. You can create a list of data codes and choose the color, font, and list of each element accordingly.
Swift UI allows you to shift data directly from iOS to your Mac. New technology used in swift UI named Asynclmage allows loading images remotely.



Swift is an Apple technology that makes programming quite easy, It is progressing day by day and becoming the only programming language of Apple Technologies. When apple decided to make swift an open-source language about 60,000 people showed interest in it in just one week of its open-source launch. Its incredible features are the reason behind its popularity. It did not only compete with other languages but also leave them behind. Although it is a new programming language If you compare it with other programming languages like Objective-C it has become a big name in very less time and getting more developed day by day.

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