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What is WordPress and what are its features?

Introduction to WordPress


WordPress is a free (CMS) open-source content administration framework written in PHP and matched with My SQL or Mario DB data set fully supported by HTTPS. With strong writing for a blog and web designer. It is programming intended to make a web or its substance. In its underlying days, it was viewed as basically a kit to make blog locales yet presently with time, its development, and improvement made it the program to make any sort of site. You can simply introduce WordPress to your framework and begin creating locales. is for paid programming it was created to create a gain for WordPress, and it doesn’t need even little programming information. WordPress is utilized by 14% of sites. The number of individuals who utilize WordPress is expanding step by step.

How does it work


WordPress has been designed in a user-friendly way so that any new programmer can also create their sites using WordPress. There are seven basic functions of WordPress which you follow to create a well-oriented website. They are discussed below.

Project launch

It is the first step in creating websites when the client and programmer meet to discuss the details of the project, they discuss every matter like the client’s demands and aims of the site, targeted audience, and how to reach them and sign a project according to understanding between them. This project is evidence of their consultations and understanding. At this stage people who are working on this project decided and assigned them their duties. A client can get the project’s access at any time and check the project’s status at any time to see its working and processing. CQPIM WordPress Project Manager is a tool of WordPress for freelancing and major agencies which is available on CQPIM. The upstream feature allows you to easily manage any type of project from within the WordPress website.

Design and Draft

It is another crucial part of the development of the site, design is a pro-efficient way of capture’s public attention. A good design will increase the credibility of your site as it is a representation of your website. The layout is another key concept in the site’s creation, Logo shows the virtual motto of your site and it is created by creative and professional designers. The font is how you write if you use the correct font that goes with your content you have more chances to get more public’s attention. Colors have the power to live in a person’s memory they are way catchy and attractive way but simplicity in colors is very significant. A decent design group will bring a blend of specialized expertise and innovative pizazz to the table. They will utilize the most recent website composition components, and will likewise ensure that the site is responsive (dynamic).

Transfer of Data

Transportation of information starting with one site and then onto the next place as satisfied. It has all administration. It is utilized to move information starting with one program and then onto the next program site whenever required. This is an extremely fast approach to moving information. Subsequent to completing the fundamental import, the gathering will play out a quality affirmation study against the data arranging record to ensure that everything has been done precisely.

Progressing Site

When the last plans are endorsed, the dynamic advancement stage will start. The engineers assemble the site’s usefulness and custom elements in light of the client’s necessities. Each module needs pertinent information from the site data set, and when you have countless them attempting to play out their undertaking simultaneously – it can cause a few clashes and then everything back. Some modules can likewise cause security gambles, and paid modules are by and large safer than the free variations.

Quality Assurance (Qa)

When all the improvement errands have been finished, it’s the ideal opportunity for the Quality Assurance and testing stage to start. This is to guarantee that all usefulness is set up before proceeding with the site send-off. The advancement group performs cross-program and gadget testing to guarantee responsiveness and openness is set up. We run your new custom topic through our WDS subject check module. Our improvement group likewise runs a question screen and answer to guarantee that the site is performant before sending.

There are a couple of periods of quality confirmation and testing.

  • Functional Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Security Testing

Site launch

Each new site will have its own remarkable send-off plan. Ordinarily, the releasing process incorporates the accompanying steps:

  • The lead developer moves forward arranging and creating conditions for the client’s host.
  • The web developers will demand a substance freeze to begin the last information relocation.
  • When the information movement and quality affirmation tests have all been finished, the new site will go live.

What are the features of WordPress?



WordPress is open-source programming that is authorized under the GNU General Public License (GPL), meaning it isn’t claimed by a solitary organization or element. Many designers and clients work together on WordPress to create the best web.

Simple and easy

WordPress permits you to distribute and construct your site content rapidly. Indeed, even as a fledgling, you can utilize word handling programming like Microsoft Word, and you can utilize WordPress to fabricate and deal with a website it can effectively use WordPress.


WordPress permits you to make many kinds of sites from individual websites and online stores to online magazines and papers.

Free of cost

The genuine WordPress programming accessible on is allowed to download and utilize. You will, in any case, need to pay for web facilitating in a paid version.


Site design improvement (SEO) starts at a specialized level and WordPress conveys an outstanding code base for SEO. Web optimization permits your site’s substance to be found by means of normal web crawlers like Google or Bing.


WordPress is a lean site system that is continually endeavoring to eliminate code and its speed is very fast which saves the user time and increases its viability.



WordPress allows creating a full-customized website as it’s in your thoughts and imagination. It’s the manner by which you interface with your guests and leads, make a positive initial feeling with new clients, and lift changes. WordPress locales will generally rank high for their catchphrases, to a great extent since they’re continually being refreshed and on the grounds that WordPress incorporates various devices and developments.

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